A Response to an Amazon comment

One person made the following comment about my book on “Just as I Am: Married, Divorced and Remarried” on Amazon.

“He can’t seem to prove his argument. He begins with an emotional anecdote to make his case. But this is a poor way to make your case for God’s will.

My response is:

Brian, thanks for reading the book and for responding. Divorce and remarriage is a highly “emotional” issue–especially for those involved and their children. But if you believe that my “case for God’s will” is based on “an emotional anecdote” then you missed almost all of what I wrote in the book. The case I referred to in the beginning was a real married couple with real children of their own who were really told to divorce. However if I had wanted to “prove” my “argument” or “make my case” based on the “emotional” hurt of those families involved in divorced and remarriage, who have been/are mistreated by or turned away from the Church because a previous marriage did not work out and they started over in a new relationship, then I could have easily added a number of other cases. (In fact I could quite possibly have written an entire book about the “emotional scars and hurt,” of those I know personally, that were caused by the Church’s misunderstanding of the MDRissue.) My “argument” in the book is based on what the Bible says about it. I am sorry that you were not convinced by the material in the book, but you have to live with your own conscience and what you believe the Bible teaches just as I do. I respect you for that and certainly respect your right to disagree. God bless! Thank God for Jesus! (2 Cor. 9:15).

Wayne Dunaway 6/15/15

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