Matthew Chapters 24 – 25

Matthew Chapters 24-25

A summary of the events leading up to and including what Jesus taught in these two chapters would include the following.

1. He enters Jerusalem for the last time (Mt. 21:1-11). On this occasion He predicts its destruction. (See Luke 19:41-44).
2. He drove the money changers out of the temple because they had made His “house” a “den of thieves.” (Mt. 21:12-13).
3. He cursed the “barren fig tree” which represented the hypocritical Jewish Nation and illustrates their destruction. (Mt. 21:17-19).
4. He taught the parable about the “wicked vinedressers” (Mt. 21:33-45) which represented the leaders of the Jewish Nation (Mt. 21:45) and He predicted the destruction of their kingdom (Mt. 21:40-45).
5. He pronounces a series of “woes” on the scribes and Pharisees for their hypocrisy, deceit, wickedness and rejection (Mt. 23:1-31). He tells Jerusalem that they would “fill up” their sin to the limit (Mt. 23:32-35), their house would be left “desolate” (Mt. 23:37-38), and that all of this would come upon “this generation” (Mt. 23:36) referring to the “generation” that lived when He was on earth.
6. Next, he predicts the complete destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and therefore the “end” of the Old Testament Jewish system. (Mt. 24:1-34). He gave the “time” (Mt. 24:34) and the “sign” (Mt. 24:15; Lk. 21:20) when the temple and nation would be destroyed. His answer to their question led Him to discuss another subject pertaining to another “coming” and another “end.” So we might say that in answering their question concerning the destruction of the temple Jesus discusses two comingsand two ends of two worlds.

a. First, in Matthew 24:1-34 He predicts His “coming” in judgment on Jerusalem and the “end” of the Jewish Old Testament world/age (Heb. 9:26). “All these things” that Jesus predicted up to this point (Mt. 24:34) were to come on that “generation” (Mt. 24:34). The word “generation” refers to the “generation” that lived when He was on earth as it did throughout the book of Matthew. (See Matthew 11:16; 12:39, 41, 42, 45; 16:4; 17:17; 23:36; 24:34).
b. Then in Matthew 24:35 the subject changes. Here He refers to the “passing away” of “heaven and earth” and beginning in Matthew 24:36ff He begins to speak about His second coming at the end of time for all mankind and He continued this discussion throughout the rest of chapter 24 and continued the same discussion in chapter 25. (Mt. 24:36-25:46).

Wayne Dunaway

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