Stressed Over MDR for Years

I received the following note today from a brother who read my book “Just as I Am: Married, Divorced and Remarried” (this is only one among many I have received):
Dear Brother Wayne
May God bless you greatly for your love, care, and diligence to put together this message for those who are in the MDRsituation. I have personally been in stress for over 34 years, being condemned in a no-way-out situation. I praise God that He gave you the wisdom to discern the truth of His word, and the loving heart to share it with those who desperately need to hear it. Thank you so much!
My response to this is:
This is what makes writing the book worthwhile. The “gospel” (good news) of salvation in Jesus for one “in stress for over 34 years” (not seconds, or minutes, or hours, or days, or weeks, or months, but 34 years) and one of those who “desperately need to hear” that Jesus has grace and mercy for those who are seemingly “condemned in a no-way-out situation.” This brother apparently maintained his faith in Jesus for 34 years in spite of the opposition, criticism, and condemnation he must have received from some in the church. This is very commendable on his part and serves to illustrate how much some MDR couples love Jesus and want to do His will for their lives but “cannot change” what has happened in the past…and neither can we! Condemn them if you must, but God have mercy on all our souls concerning our past…including those of us who have turned MDRcouples away from Jesus and unjustly “condemned” those who are  in a “no-way-out situation” and caused undue “stress” in those whom Jesus came to bless! Read John 4:4-39.
Read about the: The Savior, The Sinner, and the Soul-Winner!


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