A Worthy Woman

I was asked to write a poem about this Christian lady in our Church. Her name is Jewel. (She has since gone to be with the Lord.) Her daughter-in-law asked me to write it because her eightieth birthday was coming up at the time and they were having a surprise Birthday Party for her. I did and here it is:
We are here today to honor a lady
Her name is Jewel and she will soon be eighty.
I have known this lady for a long, long time
And I’m glad to call her a friend of mine.
She is quite a woman as her friends will attest
And when it comes to friendship, she is one of the best.
I have never heard her complain or fuss.
And she can still outwork most any of us.
She is a strong-willed woman who is good and kind,
Who does what she wants when she makes up her mind.
I saw her one time in ICU.
And I really thought that she was through.
She did not move or even make a stir.
And everybody thought she was dead…. but her.
We were sure she was dying in just a matter time.
But she was thinking, “If you go to a funeral…it won’t be mine”.
She is a lover of life and she has seen some good days.
And she’s proved that faith in Jesus pays.
A virtuous woman she can surely be called.
She is a great example who has helped us all.
Knowing her has really been nice
As we’ve watched her live her life for Christ.
Sometimes life is bitter and can even be cruel.
But our lives have been blessed by knowing this “Jewel.”
Written by Wayne Dunaway in honor of Sister Jewel Dulaney
Most of this Poem could also have been written about any number of other Christian women I have known through the years. God wrote about a “virtuous” woman in Proverbs 31. He said, “her worth is far above rubies” (Prov. 31:10). He also said such a woman “shall be praised” (Prov. 31:30).  All Christians are God’s “jewels” (Mal. 3:17). And all Christian women are “Rare Jewels” who prove “that faith in Jesus pays”. We are truly blessed to know all these “Jewels”.
Wayne Dunaway


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