The Book of Psalms

Psalms is the longest book in the Bible (150 chapters).
Psalms has the longest chapter in the Bible (Ps. 119 has 176 verses).
Psalms has the shortest chapter in the Bible (Ps. 117 has only 2 verses).
Psalms has the most famous chapter in the Bible (Ps. 23).
Psalms emphasizes: Heart, Trust, and Praise (H.T.P.).
HEART occurs over 120 times
TRUST occurs 50 times or so.
PRAISE occurs over 120 times.
MERCY occurs over 100 times.
The Book of Psalms emphasizes:
1. The Problems of the saints.
2. The Prayers of the saints.
3. The Pardon for the saints.
4. The Praise of the saints.
5. The Person who saves the saints.
1. Problems of the saints.
Some of the problems mentioned or dealt with at length are:
a. Death (Ps. 23).
b. Depression (Ps. 6).
c. Disobedience (Ps. 78)
d. Enemies (Ps. 25)
f. Envy (Ps. 73).
g. Evil (Ps. 14).
g. Greed (Ps. 10).
h. Grief (Ps. 31).
i. Guilt (Ps. 32)
j. Secret sins (Ps. 90:8).
k. Sexual sins (Ps. 51).
l. Stubbornness (Ps. 19:13).
m. Weakness (Ps. 6).
n. Wickedness (Ps. 7).
o. Worry (Ps. 37).
Note: Most every problem man faces is dealt with in the Psalms–either specifically or in principle.
2. Prayers of the saints.
There are prayers concerning:
a. Peace (Ps. 32).
b. Strength (Ps. 31).
c. Adversaries (Ps. 27).
e. Liars (Ps. 109)
f. Mercy (Ps. 4)
g. Salvation (Ps. 51).
Note: Many of the Psalms are prayers concerning these and numerous other subjects. The Psalms teach us how to pray and even, in some cases, what to say.
3. Pardon for the Saints
Some samples of pardon are for:
a. Personal sins (Ps. 25:11).
b. Sins of youth (Ps. 25:7).
c. Adultery (Ps. 51).
d. Lying (Ps. 32:3-4)
e. Murder (Ps. 51:14 )
f. Stupidity (Ps. 38)
4. Praise of the Saints.
Note the following points about praise.
a. “Praise” is first used in Psalm 7:17 in the NKJV.
b. The word “praise” is used over 120 times in the Psalms.
c. The last Psalm David wrote is titled, “A Praise of David” (Ps. 145).
d. The last five Psalms (146-150) all begin and end with the phrase “Praise the Lord.”
e. “Praise (s) is used over forty times in the last five chapters and the book ends with “Praise the Lord.”
Conclusion:  We learn about the problems that all believers face both then and now. Then we prayfor forgiveness and help with our problems–especially those involving our sins. Then we willingly accept God’s pardonfor our sins. Then we too will conclude with nothing but “praise” for God’s marvelous mercy toward us–just as in the book of Psalms.  “Praise the Lord.”
More to follow.
Wayne Dunaway    

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