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This book is written primarily for those who have been married, divorced and remarried and have come to Jesus for salvation. Many of you have suffered enough guilt, rejection and/or suspicion because a previous marriage did not work out and you have started over in a new marriage relationship.   It is time for healing.  It is time to focus on God’s grace, mercy and peace.  It is time to move on. God wants to give you peace of mind and lasting assurance and this book will prove it.  Jesus, the great “I AM,” accepts us just as we are—even if we are “married, divorced and remarried.”

This book covers a variety of timely subjects such as: What is marriage? What is meant by the two shall become “one flesh?” Is divorcing a mate always wrong? What does the Bible teach about divorce and remarriage?  Are those divorced “still married” in God’s sight?  What is “adultery?” How does God join a couple in marriage? Who can marry? Can one “live in adultery?” What about abusive relationships? Does a deserted believer have to stay single? Can the guilty party remarry?  What about refusing to baptize/fellowship those divorced and remarried? Must couples who have been divorced and remarried in the past, divorce their present mates and live single for the rest of their lives in order to go to Heaven?  What about preachers telling a couple who have been married for over eighteen years with two teenage children that they must divorce? 

These and other questions are answered in this book—Just As I Am…Married, Divorced and Remarried.

Comments from others who have read the book:

From Alabama:

You have really covered all the bases – the great thing about it, other than the fact that it’s biblical and well studied and presented, is the fact that the average person (like the two I’ve been talking to this week) will be able to read and understand! Too many of these books “Greek and Hebrew” the reader to death and leave them with more questions than answers!

I’m loving your book.  I’m nearly finished with it and will recommend it to my church family this coming Sunday. 

The book was a great insight to me. I am a Christian and my husband left me back in September. I was questioning my faith and my preacher gave me your book to read. It really helped open my eyes. Thank you for writing it.

Wonderful book and is so easy to understand—so plain and simple—if people will just read it!”

Thanks so much, Wayne! Great book, wonderful read! I already shared my copy and am sure your book will touch many hearts!

I have found this book to be something that I believe the brotherhood really needs. In the church today, we are lacking Biblical teaching on the subject of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. The real truth in your book would allow more individuals to be led to the Lord as well as help those who have been hurt, abused and misused in the  Lord’s Church to come back home.

From Tennessee:

“This is the best I’ve ever seen!!! There is Grace and Forgiveness for anyone!!”

From Mississippi

“I got it and read it from cover to cover!! I can tell you have done your homework, there were some things I had never thought about before. Right now I am reading it again.  I hurt so much for people in these situations and you have caused me to re-think on some things. I would say it is a very good book, very thought provoking.” 

From Florida;

I read your book in two sittings.  Learned more about the MDR issue than I have in my entire 57 years.  Makes so much more sense than the way I was taught.  Love you so much for having the courage to write a book like this.  

I would like to thank you for writing what I feel is the best book on the subject MDR that I’ve read and I’ve read a number of them. I found it to be the most simplistic and logical but thorough approach to understanding the teaching of God’s idea of marriage and divorce…. I also feel that after reading the book I have a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus in the book of Matthew. 

From Illinois

Your Book: Just As I Am, Married, Divorced and Remarried was very refreshing to me. Having been married, divorced and remarried I have run the gamut of opinions on the topic. My wife and I were told that we were living in sin. When asked how we should correct it, we were informed by some to separate and not live together.

From South Carolina

You make great points and do it in a way that even the “haters” should not complain.  This was a long time coming.  Wish I’d had it years ago to show my dad.  Oh well….. You did a good thing by writing this book, Wayne.  With this book, you are removing much guilt….Thanks again for writing it.


Wayne Dunaway has been a serious student of  the Bible for over forty-four years. He is a Preacher and an  Author. His books include A Journey with Jonah, The Lord’s Friend in a Lion’s Den, and Heaven: Where Few…Are Many.  He has a unique way of speaking and writing which will be evident when you read his books.

Wayne can be contacted at: waynedunaway@gmail.com  or Ph. 256-624-6024

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