Wondering Wizard of Uz # 2

(Job 1:1)
In this article, we are again “off to see the Wizard, the Wondering Wizard of Uz”. Job was a “Wizard” and he lived “in the land of Uz”. This is our second visit to this “land of Uz”. He is an example for us all (See James 5:11). But what do we learn from him? In this second article we will briefly mention another lesson we can learn from this “example of suffering and patience” (James 5:10).
LESSON TWO. God can allow a righteous man to suffer and still be just Himself. This “Wondering Wizard of Uz” proves this point without question. Job proves that God can, and does, sometimes allow righteous men to suffer in this life for no apparent reason. Of course, one thing I have wondered is: “How can God keep us from suffering as much, and as many times, as we all fail to live up to what He expects?” As one popular song says, “Why me, Lord? What have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I’ve known?” The amazing thing is how God keeps us from suffering! Why does He, or why should He, bless us in any sense considering how sinful we all are? If any of us, who are responsible people, got what we deserve we would probably suffer as much, and maybe more, than Job did (and some will).
 I realize that this does not solve the problem or answer the question concerning human suffering. But, in my judgment, it raises a valid point. Why does God bless us? One answer is: “Because He is God”. How can God allow good men to suffer? One answer is: “Because He is God”. Of course, when it comes to suffering in this life, there is no answer that will satisfy or relieve those of us who suffer. I know that some suffer because of their own sins (II Peter 4:15). Some suffer because of the sins of others (Joseph, Gen. 37-50). Some suffer because we live in a world of suffering as a consequence of sin entering the world (Genesis 3:16-19). Some suffer because of chastisement (Hebrews 12:6-11). Some suffer for righteousness sake or because they are Christians (I Peter 4:16). Some suffer in order that the works of God may be revealed (John 9:3). Some suffer for other reasons. And no explanation applies to every sufferer and no explanation relieves the suffering. But this “Wondering Wizard of Uz” teaches us that: “Patience involves, not only trusting God’s timing, but also trusting God’s judgment.”  A truth that Job had to learn the hard way. Remember that God is too loving to be mean, too powerful to be manipulated, and too wise to be mistaken.
Wayne Dunaway


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