My Notes on Job # 3 & 4

My notes on JOB # 3
(Job’s Friends)
Job predicament.
A. 7:3 Months of pain.
B. 7: 11 Spoke out.
C. 7:20 Why me Lord.
D. 6:8-9 Wanted to Die.
E. 19:19 Those he loved turned.
F. Satan took Job’s fortune and family.. He tormented Job’s flesh. He turned Job’s friends.
G. God is said to have done it because He allowed it.
1. 2:3 Although you “incited Me against to destroy him without cause.”         
2. 42:11 It was “for all the adversity the Lord had brought on him.”
3. 1:12; 2:7 But Satan was directly responsible for what happened.
H. He had three friends:
1. 2:11 They are called friends at beginning of book.
2. 42:10 They are his friends at the end of the book.
A. They CARED about Job.
1. 2:12 When they saw him they wept.
2. Proverbs 18:24 There is a friend that sticks closer than brother (Job 19:13-15).
3. Many would say “Have you heard about Job & his problems?” “That is bad. Poor old guy. That’s tough. Bless his heart.
4. Luke 10 Like priest and Levite we pass by on the other side.
5. Luke 18:24 To have friends must be one.
6. Psalm 142:4 Sad when one feels that “no one cares for my soul.”
7. I went out into the world to find a friend and couldn’t find one there. Then I went out to be a friend and friends were everywhere.
B. They CAME to Job.
1. 2:11 They heard and they came.
2. Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times.
3. They were not fair weather friends. They were friends in prosperity and poverty. When he had much and when in misery.
4. When the roses loose their fragrance and the world seems at an end. When the day has lost it’s gladness, what a blessing is a friend. One who takes you as he finds you, caring not who is to blame. One who knows all of your shortcoming, but who loves you just the same. Heaven sends a gift each morning of a bright new day to spend. What a joy it is to share it with one who is a trusted friend. (Unknown).
5. Too many times we care but we don’t come. We are too busy. Too much to do. Too wrapped up in our own lives to come to help others.
6. Life’s a busy crowded way. Good intentions go astray. I had a friend the other day. I haven’t now because he passed away. I meant to phone, to write, to call, but he didn’t hear from me at all. I just hope somehow that he could see, just what his friendship meant to me. Life is a busy crowded way, good intentions go astray.
7. 2:11 They wanted to morn with and comfort him.
8. 2:13 They sat down with him.
9. 2:13 They didn’t say a word for seven days and nights. Sometimes when you have nothing to say the best thing to say is nothing. There is a ministry of presence and silence that says all that really needs to be said.
1. The said some awful things. They said his sinning had caused his suffering.
2. 4:7-9 Eliphaz said he was reaping what he had sown.
3. 8:13 Bildad called him a “hypocrite”
4. 11:6 Zophar said he was suffering less than he deserved.
5. They said what they had to say to him and not to others about him.
6. We all have a tendency to gossip.
JOB # 4
 (Job’s Friends: Condemned)
II. THEY ARE TO BE CONDEMNED (2:11, 16:2 Miserable comforters.)
A. Wrong in what they TAUGHT
1. 4:7 Eliphaz: only the wicked suffer in this life. (Told of visions)
B. Wrong in what they THOUGHT.
1. 5:27 Eliphaz thought they knew it all. (15:9)
2. 12:2-4 Job accused them of that.
C. Wrong in what they SOUGHT.
1. 8:13 Bildad accused Job of forgetting God & being a hypocrite.
2. 8:20 God will not hurt blameless nor uphold evildoers.
3. 22:4-10 Eliphaz even specifies the sins Job has committed.
4. Matthew 7:1-5 Job’s friends sought to find fault with him without the facts.
All real friends are like Job’s three friends in many ways. We are all wrong about some things and we all make mistakes in dealing with friends. But we are there when they need us and we “rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep” (Rom. 12:15).


Wayne Dunaway                                                                 

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