Our outline is:

I. Her Great Faith (Ch. 1)

1. Ruth 1:16 – She said your God shall be MY God.
2. Ruth 2:12 – To the God of Israel she came for refuge.

II. Her Good Fortune (Chs. 2-3)

1. Ruth 2:3 – She “happened” to come to the right field. She “happened” to come at the right time. She “happened” to meet the right man. Why? Because God made it happen.
2. Ruth 2:12 – The Lord repaid her work and she was rewarded.

III. Her Godly Family (Ch. 4)

1. Ruth 4:13 – She bore a son.
2. Ruth 4:18-22 – She helped provide a Savior. (Matt. 1:1-5).

Conclusion: Her great faith led to a good fortune which led to a godly family. The book begins with her tragedy but ends in her triumph. It begins with a burial but ends with a birth. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. (Ps. 30:5)

Thank for Jesus who encourages us with truth from Ruth.

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